"Kofod is a brilliant observer of detail and perceptive in her descriptions of character...Her love for Libya is evident and she presented a vivid account of its modern history through the eyes of Hiba and Kamal."

-Libya TV (English)



"The Libyan offers a unique perspective on living under one of the worst dictatorships of the 20th century...Kofod fluently weaves a tale of romance with her own observations of Libya to produce this gripping novel."

-Tripoli Post, Libya



"Ms. Kofod has a strong voice and a heck of a story which she tells with integrity and feeling."

-Ethan Chorin, Author

Translating Libya



"The story never strays from its sharp edge... This is a good read. Fast paced in style, exciting in drama, and sweeping in time and geography"

-C. Peter Ripley, History Professor Emeritus

Author, Conversations With Cuba



"A Page Turner!"



"Best portrayal of Libya during Gadaffi ever written..."



"A must read for the western world..."



"Best portrayal of Gaddafi ever written..."



"Didn't want to put it down..."



"A wonderful read..."



"The Libyan would make a SUPER movie!"



"A tale of Courage and Tenacity..."



"The LIBYAN is a fantastic read from beginning to end..."



"A rare window on Libya..."



"Riveting story, fabulous read..."



"Entertaining and informative..."



"A compelling journey from the western world into a country and culture dominated by a madman..."



"Best book you can read in 2015..."



"An Insider's View of Libyan Culture..."



"Intriguing book..."



"Gripping! A story of heartbreak and hope..."



"Captivating story of love, passion and adventure! A must read!"



"An enthralling memoir..."



"Wonderful journey..."



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